All About Claiming for An Accident at Workplace

Accidents at workplace are a common thing, and there are plenty of reasons why accidents take place. Nevertheless, the main reason is inadequate safety measures. Besides, you can even face injury due to slips and trips. Well, whatever be the reason, for any injury faced at workplace, a person can make a claim.

These claims help the victims to secure a compensation against the losses they suffered in the accident. If you too suffered from an accident at work, keep on reading to know how you can go ahead with filing a claim.

Are you eligible for filing the claim?

First of all, it is extremely important to understand that not all accidents are valid for filing an accident at work compensation claim. So, you can only make a claim if:

  • You faced an injury because health and safety measures were not being followed properly.
  • You faced an injury because of operating a machine with faulty equipment.
  • Any of your existing injury or condition got worst because of the workplace accident.

Any employer has a legal duty towards their employees. They have to make sure that they are providing you and your colleagues with a safe environment to work. In simple words, it is their responsibility to:

  • Train you properly to work safely.
  • Provide you with appropriate clothing and necessary protective equipment.
  • Provide safe working systems
  • Conduct risk assessments.

How much time do you have to a make the claim?

The set time limit to make a workplace accident claim is 3 years from the date of accident. However, there are some exceptions to keep in mind:

  • If the victim who suffered from an accident doesn’t have the mental capacity to make the claim. In this case there is no time limit to make a claim.
  • If the accident took place while working in abroad. In this case, the time limit to file a claim is shorter than usual.
  • If the accident and injury was caused due to a faulty piece of equipment. In this case, the time limit is different.

How much compensation you can expect?

The amount of compensation you can win completely depends on the type of injury you suffered. Your lawyer will consider the severity of your condition and the after effects of the accident on your life and calculate the compensation amount. Besides, it is not only your physical pain that your lawyer will consider. In fact, there are many more points to consider like:

  • Loss of wages due to not attending work.
  • Expected future loss of earnings.
  • Changes in your ability to work.
  • Mental trauma you suffered.
  • Care and support you needed.
  • Paid medical bills.

Keep in mind that filing a claim for accident at work is not something you can do on your own. Therefore, it is recommended that you contact a lawyer as soon as you can after facing the accident. Many reputed firms take up workplace claims on No Win No Fee basis. This means, you need not to pay them anything if you don’t win the case. So, all in all, make sure to involve a lawyer to successfully file and win a workplace accident claim.


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