Choose Your Right Bodysurfing Goggles

While going for any surfing holiday during summer months, it is very important to protect your eyes while moving around the sea beaches under bright hot sun. There can be many different options to choose your surf glasses or a pair of goggles. In this small write-up, we shall discuss few options that are available as per experts in surfing gear and equipment Surfstitch Justin Cameron.

First of all, you need to decide whether you will prefer to wear goggles or sunglasses as both of them are designed for protecting your eyes during water sports. However, there are few basic differences between these two and under certain situation one proves to be better option than others.

If you choose any bodysurfing goggles then it will be wrapped around your head and also it will create a watertight seal all around your eyes so that eyes will remain protected from salty water of the sea. If the lens of the goggles is polarized, then your eyes will get an extra protection from various harmful UV rays. You can prefer to wear bodysurfing goggles which will be suitable to face any type of surf that are larger, intense waves as they are properly designed so that it can fit tightly around your head and you do not lose them.

Surf sunglasses on the other hand, will fit little loosely around your eyes and head, so that you can get more ventilation to have minimum fogging. Also, a strap is provided so that you can tighten it to keep the glasses properly secured to your head. They can be a better option for smaller surf, where you will face relaxing waves.

What you must look for while buying sunglasses

There are quite a few things that you must look for while you are buying sunglasses or any bodysurfing goggles. The purpose of this is to protect your eyes as well as providing sufficient comfort as well. Following are few checklists:

  1. Durable lens

Since, you will be battling with sea waves while surfing during the entire session, it is quite important to have durable lens. Therefore, choose goggles that should be able to withstand various impacts of the sea water. You cannot afford to repair your lens every now and then after each ride.

  1. Strong frames

While buying any bodysurfing sunglasses, you need to make sure that they must have strong frames. This will prevent it from breaking into half during a wipe out.

  1. Strap

While buying goggles or sunglasses which has got strap, it is necessary that it must remain attached to your head so that you don’t easily lose them while you are riding a wave.

  1. Tight seal

Prefer to choose goggles that can produce a tight seal all around your eyes so that it can help you to protect your eyes from salty water. This can also help so that your eyes do not become red and itchy.

  1. Anti-fog

One of the biggest problems while surfing is that sunglasses becomes foggy while surfing so make sure that sunglasses do not fog.

  1. Polarized lens

Polarised lens will keep your eyes protected against UV rays of sun

  1. Comfort

It should be comfortable as you will be wearing for a long time.


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