What Are the Best Ways to Organize A Business Lunch Event?

There are variety of business lunch events that are organized by an event coordinator. It is upto business to choose the right dish, beverage, and service as per the needs and budget. To help you make the right decision, we are sharing different types of business lunch events.

Factors that you need to consider to organize an event

To choose the best lunch for your business, it is important to consider a set of factors that will help you determine the best event for your business.  Duluth is a major port city located in the U.S. state of Minnesota.

  • Learn about the occasion. Is it a formal event or a simple corporate event?
  • Is it a plated or a buffet kind of event? Lunch events organized by Corporate catering Duluth are commonly served in buffet style. It is best to check with the client prior to forming that assumption.
  • How many guests will your business be serving? Is your business lunch event serving hundred or only a dozen of events? You will be required to consider the right foods, price points and service options.
  • Finally, you need to consider the venue of the event. In few cases, catering happens at a large place where the facilities as well as staff are ready for organization of the event. For the convenience of business, a lunch event can be organized in unusual settings like a museum gallery or private homes.

Types of lunch events

You need to make the right selection of food and drink that would help in accomplishment of the event.

Deli Buffets

This buffet is best suited for simple events to cater to the needs of an ordinary crowd. The menu comprises of foods that are gluten-free, vegetarian guests and kosher. Most of the deli buffets are as follows:

  • Mixed green salad that comes with 3 different sorts of dressing
  • Fruit salad, antipasto, potato salad, and chips
  • 3 different kinds of sandwich meats made with healthy breads
  • Dessert such as cookies and brownies

Box Lunches

These lunches are ideal for working lunches. This type of lunch is quick and easy. This helps event guests to stay focused on the aim of the meeting. Sandwiches are the highly sought item along with desserts and gluten-free breads:

  • Turkey, Ham, Roast Beef, and Vegetarian Sandwiches
  • Fresh fruit
  • A cookie and chips
  • Condiments, napkins and plastic utensils

Themed American and Ethnic Buffets

Most of the caterers offer differently themed lunch varieties such as American, Italian, Asian, etc. The selection of food is done on the basis of the overall event theme. For example, popular lunch themes include:

  • American: fries and burgers
  • Italian: pizza, pasta, and Tuscan style chicken
  • Southwest: fajita stations and tacos
  • Asian: stir-fries, spring rolls, noodle and rice dishes
  • You can also include a variety of entrée, dessert and appetizer options that goes best with the above-mentioned buffet themes.


Not all types of lunch events are same. There are several factors like venue, type of event, number of guests etc. to be taken into consideration. Getting adequate knowledge about different types of lunch events would assist in making the right selection.


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